Your Audio setup

The mic:

To get the highest quality recording, it is best if you record your audio using an external microphone plugged into your computer while we do the interview. If you don’t have an external microphone and want to have super clear sound, this one costs $30 and is pretty decent. And once you get it, here is a video of how to set it up.


If you don’t have an external mic, Apple Earbuds (or their non-Apple equivalent) are the next choice. A boom headset is the third choice (not ideal, but usually better than using the built in mic on your computer).


The recording software:

If you already have recording software that you’re familiar with, we’ll use that. We will both record our audio on our own computers and then I’ll have you send me yours when we’re done.


If you don’t have recording software, no worries. I’ll record your audio on my comptuer. 


The venue:

Zoom. I’ll send you a link for the Zoom room a few days before we record. 


Tips for awesome audio on interview day



Use headphones so that my audio doesn’t come out your speakers and back into your mic.


The room:

If possible, record in a room with soft surfaces to limit echo. Bedrooms or an office with carpet and couch 

are excellent. Closets are also good. Kitchens are bad. Bathrooms are the worst. 


Mic position:

If you are using an external microphone, have your mic level with your mouth to get the best audio (sometimes this takes a textbook or two to get it at the right height). Angle the mic about 45 degrees away from the direction of your breath so that the mic pickups don't get breath ‘plosives’, just your speaking. I will help you with the fine adjustments when we are in the recording session.


Stay hydrated

Have a full glass of water at the ready. 


The chair

Use a chair that isn’t creaky. Roller chairs are the kiss of death for podcasting. A solid wood chair is da bomb. 


The sock

Have an old sock on hand. We might not need it, but it can come in handy. You’ll see what I mean if it comes down to sock implementation.