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26. COVID-19: Vitamin D, Aspirin, Restaurants, and Exercise with Infection

In this Thursday Thump: Is there a role for aspirin in COVID? Does vitamin D reduce the chance of getting COVID or being sicker once you have it? Association between going to a restaurant and testing positive. Cardiac injury in athletes after mild and asymptomatic infection.

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We Discuss:

  • Is there a role for aspirin in COVID infection? [01:42] ;

  • The evidence for and against vitamin D in COVID infection [03:15];

  • COVID positive patients have increased odds of having been to a restaurant compared to COVID negative [09:57];

  • Understanding odds ratio [11:00];

  • Exercise with active covid infection isn’t a good idea [13:00];

  • Potential risks of exercise after COVID infection [14:00];

  • Ohio State University is going to get cardiac MRI on athletes to screen them for return to play [17:00];

  • Gadolinium Deposition Disease might or might not be a thing [17:54];

  • More.



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