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28. COVID-19: Dirty Money, Wave 3, COVID + flu

In this Stimulus Thump: Should we be worried about COVID on surfaces? Tools to manage the third wave. A new study suggests there might be benefits from aspirin. Having flu and COVID at the same time increases odds of mortality.

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We Discuss:

Two tools to mitigate mental health impacts of the third COVID wave [01:48];

  • Dike Drummond from the Happy MD

  • Circle the wagons and all power to shields. “thank, protect, recharge, feed and nurture - you, your family and your team with any time and energy that is left.

  • Barry Kerzin, MD (H.H. The Dalai Lama’s personal physician)

  • The potential pitfalls of empathy in medicine

  • "Stepping in the others' shoes may indeed not be possible, yet we try. And so doing, it can get us in trouble. Much of the burnout, so prevalent among healthcare professionals, comes from trying to take on others' pain through empathy. When we take on others' pain, we tend to own it."

  • This might sound harsh because empathy is valued trait. In healthcare, especially the pandemic surge, it may not be healthy.

  • Consider choosing compassion over empathy in healthcare

Compassion is the wish and the action... when we're able reduce or even eliminate pain and suffering. -Barry Kerzin

Influenza and COVID co-infection increased mortality compared to COVD infection alone [06:40];

  • Compared to baseline, odds ratio for mortality in a UK study

  • COVID (+), Flu (-): 2.6

  • COVID (+), Flu (+): 5.9. A 5.9 fold increase in mortality risk over baseline.

An association between aspirin use and decreased in-hospital mortality, ICU days, and need for a ventilator [10:00];

How long COVID exists on surfaces and does it remain infectious? [14:57]

  • Virus can last for days on plastic, weeks on money

  • When virus was collected from surfaces in a COVID ward, it did not appear infectious on further testing

  • However, collected samples had low viral concentrations (or high cycle threshold)


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