Splint Like a Pro was created in 2012 as a step by step guide for excellent splint technique and craftsmanship. In these videos, a master level cast technician from Orthopedic and Fracture Specialists in Portland, OR walks us through: thumb spica, sugar tong, ulnar gutter, volar, posterior lower leg, and posterior lower leg with stirrup. 

In this series: splint indications, proper padding placement, splint material management, pearls and pitfalls in splint placement, and how an expert wraps a splint. 

There are many ways to go about splinting, but for me, these are the best splinting techniques I've seen and what I used in clinical practice. 

Thumb Spica Splint

Sugar Tong Splint

(with Colles' fracture reduction technique)

Ulnar Gutter Splint

Posterior Lower Leg Splint

Posterior Lower Leg Splint

With Stirrup